I was working on a Perfect Preschool Sweater when I was struck with a dose of inspiration. Something colorful and worked all in one piece. I drew some sketches, took some measurements, slept on it, frogged what I had been working on, and began working on my first top-down pattern. Soon enough, contrasting accent colors and a variety of stitches soon took shape and became The Lollipop Top!


My daughter loved it. She insisted on wearing it to her favorite places (cue a trip to some local gardens and the library!). But, the pattern sat. As someone who hasn’t written a lot of clothing patterns, my confidence dropped over time. The passion project fizzled for a while, until a ridiculously quick growth spurt necessitated the next size up. As I worked on a larger size, my confidence in the pattern grew. I changed it up a bit, using pre-wound cakes instead of intentional color changes, and I made some minor tweaks to the pattern for readability and accuracy in sizing. My daughter is happy to once again have a Lollipop Top that fits, and I was happy to my crojo back!

Perfect for spring adventures or autumn strolls, this short sleeve top is the cutest new piece for your little one’s wardrobe! Since it is worked all as one piece, the color changes are consistent throughout the front and back with no extra effort or seams to sew.

Click here for the free crochet pattern PDF!

(Please note that at the time of publishing, the large size has not yet been tested. Trying it out? Please feel free to send me your feedback!)