My daughter adores her dolls, but let’s be honest, what 4 year old doesn’t lose doll shoes almost immediately? I’m sure there are shoes stashed in every little nook and cranny in her bedroom, but putting together a matching pair is on par with the miracle of her bedroom being clean for more than 10 minutes.

Now, my kid absolutely TREASURES handmade items. Being a maker mama, I’m extremely lucky, because I know she’ll cherish whatever I make her. But I can also use that to my advantage. My kid has no idea where any of the store bought doll clothes and shoes are at any point in time, but she can tell you where the handmade items are almost immediately. So to save her poor dollys’ feet and complete their outfits, I came up with a simple shoe and boot pattern. Two weeks later, she still knows exactly where they are!


These were made with an 18″ doll in mind, but I’ve found that they also fit on a 16″ doll quite well. They work up quickly to appease even the most impatient recipient, and it won’t take much effort to make another pair when they inevitably go missing.

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