It’s no secret that I’m always cold. I’m the one who bumps up the thermostat, hides under multiple blankets, and can’t live without a heating pad. BUT, I absolutely, positively HATE having my fingers covered. My happy medium is fingerless mittens!

I love the versatility of these chunky mitts. My hands stay warm and my fingers are free to, well, do whatever I need them to! They also don’t ride up your forearms, making them comfortable to wear with a long sleeve top.


I created this pattern with my history of office work in mind. Even in the middle of a heatwave, I would find myself frozen at my desk, fingers too stiff and numb from the cold to type with any sort of speed. A short cuff and breathable pattern make these gloves a sensible choice for any season in the office, while the texture adds a bit of flair to pop with any outfit.

Introducing “All My Exes” fingerless mittens, named for all my frozen ex-offices, and the X stitch used throughout the pattern.


Click here to download the FREE pattern in PDF format!

This pattern was updated with additional size options on 1/14/2019, and with additional clarification on 2/12/2020.