This adorable little cactus is perfect for even those with the blackest thumb. These cacti can make a great pincushion, and the space left beneath the cactus provides a great hiding spot for your tiny treasures! Customize your cactus with a flower crown, safety eyes, prickles, or even googly eyes for a silly accessory.

Skill: Beginner
US Terms

-Small amount of Red Heart Super Saver (pictured in peridot) worsted weight (4)
-H Hook 5.00mm
-Small terra cotta pot – 2.5” diameter
-Small amount of polyester fiber fill stuffing (I used Poly-fil brand)
-Small amount of pink or coral yarn in worsted weight (4)

Gauge: Gauge is measured a little differently, since your starting rectangle is so similar in size to a gauge swatch. After the 10th row, your rectangle should measure 4” tall (rows), by 4.25” wide (stitches). Gauge is only necessary to ensure that your cactus fits into the pot!

ch – Chain
sc – single crochet
sc2tog – single crochet 2 together
hdc – half double crochet
dc – double crochet
blo – back loop only

Notes: The height of your cactus can be varied by adjusting the length of the beginning chain. The width can be adjusted by adding or removing hdc rows.


Chain 20.

Row 1: 1 hdc in the 3rd chain from hook. Hdc across (18). Turn.

Row 2: ch 2, 1 hdc in the back loop of each stitch (18). Turn.

Row 3-14: repeat row 2, making sure to stitch in the back loop only. This will add texture to your cactus.20180312_102701-01 (1)

Row 15 (to cinch top of cactus): Ch 1. Turn your rectangle and insert your hook in the nearest side, y/o and pull through. Do no pull through loops on the hook.  Insert hook into the next space, y/o and pull through. Continue to do this across the entire length of the side. Your hook will become crowded by the end.

20180312_130332-01 (1)

At the end, y/o and pull through all loops on the hook. Pull tight to cinch, and ch 1.


Turn inside out.

Row 16: Holding row 14 to the beginning chain, slip stitch them together to form a seam.

20180312_130648-01 (1)

Turn inside out again. If adding embroidery or safety eyes, add them now. Begin stuffing with fiber fill (about 80%).


Finishing: ch1 and sc around the bottom edge of the cactus. Continue to work in the round, decreasing by sc2tog. When a small hole remains, finish stuffing the cactus until full. Continue to sc2tog until hole is sealed. Finish off and sew in end.

Cactus should fit snugly into pot, leaving approximately 1” of empty space below. Use at your desk to hide your spare change, on your nightstand to stash your small jewelry, or anywhere you’d like an everlasting bit of greenery!


Top flower:

Begin with magic loop, ch 1. 9 hdc in magic loop and join to top of chain. To form each petal, ch 3, sc in second chain from hook and in the first chain, then slip stitch into the next stitch in the round. Continue around to form 9 petals and finish off. Sew in ends and sew or glue to the top of the cactus.

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Please do not copy or distribute this pattern without written authorization. Completed objects may be sold with proper credit for pattern.

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