Finally, a blog!

When I started My Only Sunshine, I never believed that it would take me almost a year to start my blog! Running a small business can get much busier than most would expect – this holiday season cleared out most of my pre-made inventory, and by the time it was over, I was ready for a break. Staying up late on Christmas Eve to finish up a hot pink mermaid tail blanket in time for morning was quite the challenge! Now that I’ve had some time to recharge and spend some time with family, big updates are in store!

What’s next? As you may have noticed, some changes have already begun! I’ve been adding more made to order options to the store instead of pre-made options, and expiring some old listings. This way, I can be sure that my customers are getting what they want, when they want it, instead of following what whims I may have.

I’m also expanding into offering crochet patterns! I have a few written up and am looking for pattern testers. Sign up here if you’re interested in getting a (free!) first look at unpublished patterns and having your images featured on my page and social media.

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